This book is a soft cover book of 23 pages, plus one page of 4 post cards. These post cards feature colored photographs of ammolite in finished form. Ammolite is written by Donna Barnson from Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada.                      $19.99
Ammolite 2: A Guide for Gemmologists, Jewelers and Lapidaries
By Donna Barnson
Published by Barnson,  2000
Softcover, color, 8” x 11”, 116 pages $29.99 U.S.

A well-illustrated chapter gives details on the cutting and polishing of ammolite. There is also a per-carat listing of prices on natural, stabilized, and triplet stones. The process of making the popular gem triplets is described. There are chapters on patterns, colors and even grading.
The best stones are mounted in distinctive gold jewelry.   

Ammolite Books by Donna Barnson
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Ammolite DVD as seen on the Discovery Channel
$32.99 U.S.
This DVD about Ammolite is from the Stones of Fate and Fortune series and is called Birth of a Gem.  This was shown on the Discovery Channel and is from 2003 and is 47 minutes.  A must for any Ammolite collector or anyone interested in ammolite, ammonites and fossils.


Let yourself be carried away by the captivating beauty of the world's most rare and precious gem.  Discover the sleeping beauty of the gem world - Ammolite

An awe inspiring gemstone with a uniquely beautiful story, Ammolite derives from the sehll of the 70 million year old ammonite.  Ammonite fossils can be found around the world, but only in one small geographical location - southern Alberta, Canada -has the ancient shell recrystalized to form the world's newest official gemstone.  It is only in this one location where the amazing rainbow of colors can be found.

Join us in a journey into the world of gems and jewelry.  Discover the world of mineral science, exquisite artistry and glamour all in the quest for a geological "fluke of nature" in the form of a precious and exotic gemstone...Ammolite.

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